... and a Happy New Year!

I am so excited about 2017. A lot of things have happened the last year, and I fell so grateful for all these opportunities, which have been given to me. In 6 month I will graduate from The Royal Academy of Music as cand.musicae, a dream I have had for so many years. Then the real deal begins. I feel so lucky waking up every morning with the opportunity to make music all day.

Soon I will share a new danish song, which I will arrange for my concert this spring. Some of the lyrics sound like this:

Jeg er lykkelig - og fri
som jeg altid drømte om at bli’.
Giv mig dit navn
og dit hjerte.
— Anna Dyrvig

Translated it means: "I am happy - and free, as I always hoped I would be. Give me your name and your heart."

All my best for a great 2017 to you all. Let it be filled with love and hope.

Sing-a-long concert with Fryd

After spending the last month working hard on exams, I finally handed them in this Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday I went to Aarhus to do a Christmas Concert with Fryd. The concept of the concert was new to us, since we decided to give our audience an opportunity to see, what it is like to sing in a choir like Fryd. They were therefore invited to a sing-a-long-session a couple of hours before the concert, where we practiced a song together, which we performed as the last one at the concert.

It went really well, and we had a lot of fun and positive feedback from people saying, how great it was to feel the unity of singing together. A lot of our friends now have an idea about, how we spend our Wednesday evenings. I was a big fan of the concept from the beginning, because I think it is great for people to know, how it is to be in a choir. It gives an extra aspect to the concert also. Now people knew something about, how we have been practicing for this concert.

Check out this video to see how our sing-a-long song went at the concert.

Songwriting with North Carolina University

This semester I have been a part of a transatlantic songwriting project with some students from the University of North Carolina. The idea behind the project was to cowrite songs with another songwriter from USA. I collaborated with a girl called Billie, who I sent a half written song. She heard it, and sent me her ideas and thoughts about it. She also sent me some verses and asked me, if I could come up with a chorus, which I did.

We officially finished the project today and all met up for an online class to see the different songs and ideas from the collaboration between students. Billie and I had some really great feedback and was told to make a demo, so hopefully we will keep working on this project after Christmas.

From this project I have learned a lot. Fx me and Billie heard the same song as if it was in two different arrangements. For me it was country and for Billie it was pop. When we all met online we discussed it and it turned out that the americans agreed with Billie and the danes with me. This really tells me something about the small differences in our perception of music. I think it is important to bring this with you, if you are collaborating with someone from a different part of the world with a different culture.

Also the creative part of the project was really exciting. When Billie sent me her lyrics I was suddenly realizing, how she used her native language in a totally different way than me. Therefore I tried to copy her way of writing lyrics and it gave me a lot of new inspiration for songs I have never finished! So cool!!