Photo by Johanna Steffens

Photo by Johanna Steffens

Fryd is the name of my choir. It consists of 16 skilled singers divided into 6-8 different voices depending on which arrangement we are singing. Mostly our repertoire is rhythmical songs in the genres pop/rock, nordic and folk. In Fryd I am searching for a balance between the learning process and the artistic dimension. Therefore I have a lot of focus on the musicality of each individual singer and the group as an organic association in which we can all learn from each other and form the artistic outcome of our music together.

Some of my pedagogical thoughts about Fryd as a project can be read on my blog on Sangens Hus here.


During the year Fryd sings several concerts and workshops. You can find information about this and other updates on the choirs facebook page:


The Intelligent Choir

In Fryd I have implemented the methodology The Intelligent Choir. It is a method which is invented and developed by professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, Jim Daus Hjernøe.