I like the workshop concept very much, because it can easily be constructed, so it fits the exact audience and their level and wishes. No matter if it is a workshop for an hour or a whole weekend with several classes, the proces of working with something intensely will move everyone from one point to another. I do workshops for both experienced and unexperienced singers. The most important thing for me is that you get what you were looking for and that we have a great collaboration. I put a lot of energy in workshops and always starts by creating a good and save environment, so the foundation of the creativity is set.

Who, how, what, why?

It could be 35 managers at a firm having a teambuilding day, where they sing together for an hour. It could be a professionel vocal group searching for new tools and inspiration to improve their skills in ensemble singing. It could be a day in high school, where the theme is songwriting and the question “How do we even begin?” just seem impossible to answer. Or you playing your guitar with a lot of melodies in your head, but no lyrics. The constellation can be almost everything and I will be happy to help you figuring out exactly, what I can give you.

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Workshops for choirs and choir conductors

The topic is of your choice, and I will make a plan based on your wishes and ambitions. I can also do a program with the tools I use the most my self. Some options could be:

  • Rhythm and groove

  • Sound and blend

  • Intonation and pitch

  • Interpretation and expression

  • Circlesongs

  • Improvisation

  • The Intelligent Choir

  • Vocal Painting

  • General rehearsing techniques

For questions, prices or booking please contact me here.


Workshops for your company, your mother's birthday party or your school

During the years I have been doing workshops for a lot of companies who wanted a break in a long seminar or needed a creative input in generel.

The setups are very individual and will be scheduled, so it fits your event. Please contact me for further information here.

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Workshops in songwriting

The topic is your choice. Maybe you have already written a song and want feedback on something, a specific part, the form or the whole song. Maybe you are stuck in a song, having a hard time finding melody or lyrics and searching for some tools to move on from here og maybe you just want to try out writing music and need some guidance about where and how to begin. Some options for a songwriting workshop with me could be:

  • Melodies

  • Lyrics

  • Harmonics

  • Form

  • Style

  • Arrangement

  • Vocal technique

  • Storytelling

For questions, prices or booking please contact me here.


Workshop CV

  • Copenhagen Business School

  • Aarhus Business School

  • Testrup Folk High School

  • Ollerup Efterskole

  • Hou Maritim Idrætsefterskole

  • Future Sport Leaders

  • Danish Folk Choirs

  • SYNG

  • Aarhus University Hospital

  • Risskov Psychiatric Hospital

  • Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education

  • Private arrangements